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Keep your home safe while you're out of town

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It is easy to believe that since you live in a nice, safe community, your home will be safe when you have to go out of town. The reality is that any house, no matter its location, can be a target for crime. Here are a few tips that will help you have a little more peace of mind while you are away:

  • Put a hold on your mail. Ask someone to pick up your newspapers. Mail piling up is a sure sign that no one is home. You can easily do this online at the post office's website.
  • Arrange for your grass to be mowed if you will be gone for more than a week.
  • Use timers for both indoor and outdoor lights. It is also a good idea to have motion-sensor lights on the exterior of your home on both the front and back.
  • Take valuables out of your home. You may want to store them at a relative's house or somewhere like a safe deposit box.
  • Have a neighbor park a car in your driveway.
  • Purchase and display a Beware of Dog sign even if you do not have a dog.
  • DO NOT mention that you will be out of town on sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is easier than you think for someone to figure out your address. Posting something like that in your status is like broadcasting to the world that your home will be empty.
  • Call your local police department and inform them that you will be away. Many departments will arrange for periodic drive-by checks of your home during that period. All you have to do is ask. For Mt. Juliet residents, call the Mt. Juliet police department at 615-754-2552 for more information.
  • If your home is on the market and you will be out of town, inform your Realtor. They will be able to help you keep an eye on what goes on at home while you are away.

  • -Written by Maggie Claprood and Judy Rockensock-




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