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Yard Sale Tips

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Yard Sale Tips - Mt. Juliet

Yard Sale Tips. Spring and Summer can be great times to hold a yard sale. Warm temperatures help with luring shoppers out. If you have some stuff to get rid of, follow some of these tips to help you have a successful sale:

Before the sale

  • Choose a date 3 or 4 weeks in advance to allow yourself plenty of time to go through your things and decide what to sell.
  • Make sure to check in all the closets and nooks and crannies of your home. You might be surprised what you have tucked in a dark corner.
  • Find a staging area in your home, like a garage or guest bedroom, where you can sort things into categories.
  • Advertise your sale in local newspapers, websites (like craigslist and facebook) and by putting signs out in your neighborhood. Its usually a good idea to place signs out one day prior to the sale in hopes people will see them and make a mental note to come shop!
  • Use brightly colored price stickers and try to price all your items. This keeps people from having to ask you about every single item, which can be time consuming.
  • Place things like dishes or glasses in small cardboard boxes and put a price on the whole box.
  • Enlist help from family or friends. If you are the cashier you may be very busy; your helpers can assist shoppers with questions.
  • Get plenty of change. Ones and quarters tend to go quickly, so get plenty.
  • Be sure that things like board games and puzzles have all their parts and your items are clean and in good repair.
  • Borrow or buy tables to use. Also, tarps are great to lay out in the grass and place things like toys, rugs, books and unbreakables on.
Day of the Sale
  • Get up early. Veteran yard sale shoppers believe that the early bird gets the worm, so you may have shoppers even before your finish putting all your items out.
  • Make sure you put a sign in your yard or balloons on your mailbox to get people's attention.
  • Place like things together. Think like a department store merchandiser would.
  • Arrange to have plenty of water and snacks available and easily accessible for you and your helpers.
  • Be prepared to haggle. Lots of yard sale shoppers like to negotiate to get a better deal.
  • Have a plan for leftovers. Goodwill is a great place to donate clothes and household goods. There are also many other charities that would be happy to have things like baby clothes and gear or sports equipment.

-Written by Maggie Claprood-






Maggie Claprood - Mt. Juliet Realtor

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