5 Things to Know Before Choosing and Installing Marble for Home

Marble is a beautiful natural stone that can be found in quarries across the world. This metamorphic rock,5 Things to Know Before Choosing and Installing Marble for Home Articles made from calcite and dolomite is sold once it is processed by manufacturers.


Marble is often used for home and commercial spaces. Due to its high demand, more and more manufacturers are coming up with products and services that cater to the needs of the customers, however, customers aren’t aware of the long term commitment that comes with installing marble. There are precautions you have to take and things that you need to keep in mind before choosing and installing marble for home.


Installing marble is easier when its in small size

Marble is a heavy metamorphic rock. Therefore, it needs to be carried and installed with care. This makes the installation process tedious and expensive. The average thickness of marble is 18mm hence, installing big slabs can prove to be more challenging than smaller slabs. On the flip side, small slabs have a beauty of its own. You can experiment with interiors with small slabs and install them as per your needs.


Rely on professionals for installing

Unless you have granite stone for kitchen experience with installation, don’t treat it as a D.I.Y project. Marble requires professional help for installation. Although slabs are pre-cut for fitting, it’s best to let professionals match the designs and fit them with ease. This will also ensure that your marble interior design is as flawless as possible.


Marble is very porous

Marble, in any form, is highly porous. That means it absorbs liquid with ease. This natural stone is susceptible to damage from acidic liquids like citric acids, vinegar and fruit juices. It is also vulnerable to water stains which can dull the stone’s shine to a yellow hue. To prevent this damage a marble is coated with a sealant. The sealant keeps the liquid at bay, therefore ensure that the marle you purchased is properly sealed. You can always ask your manufacturers about the type of sealant that they use for processing.


It needs professional maintenance from time to time

Due to its porousness, marble requires maintenance like professional sealing, cleaning and polishing from time to time. It is advisable to seal frequently used spaces like flooring every 2-3 years and low usage spaces can be sealed every 7-8 years. Apart from this, you can also polish the marble to maintain its shine and colour. This can’t be done without professional help as you need customized chemicals and solutions, therefore it is a necessary cost to bear. You can, however, clean marble daily with a mild polishing liquid and warm water.