Made to Measure Window Blinds – Are They Custom Made?

Many people are looking for made to measure window blinds because of the fact that many newly build houses have relatively large windows and the traditional regular sized blinds are not enough to cover them completely. Sometimes people want to get special blinds and can’t find them from stores and have to have them custom made.

The thing with made to measure window blinds is that they are not really custom made. There are a lot of different sizes and colors custom blinds to choose from, but you can not really change all the parts of the blinds to fit your needs. Sometimes there are cases when the window frames don’t allow the traditional blinds to be installed but there needs to be some adjustments done. For these kinds of situations the made to measure models are not custom enough, and you are either going to have to get custom blinds, or do the alterations yourself.

Usually when people look for measured blinds it is a good idea to have someone over to take the measure and also take a look at what you really want. They can also give you advice on what kind of window blinds you should get since they are professionals and have been doing it for a while already. They can tell which types of blinds work for your rooms and windows and you are less likely to make beginners mistakes, like buying a set that can not be installed on your particular set of windows, or just does not fit the use of the room very well.