Spa Package in India

The spa industry in India has grown rapidly during the recent years. Wellness Tourism is seeing a rapid increase in the number of people visiting India for Spa treatments. India offers some great spa destinations where one can indulge into various spa treatments. Ayurveda has also seen increase in number of tourists coming to India,Spa Package in India Articles specially Kerala for the authentic ancient treatments offered by Ayurveda.


One of the most famous spa resorts of India is Spa Resort in Himalayas. The spa resort has received a number of award over the years, noted among them are World Travel Award and Condé Nast Traveller, UK. It is one of those great places, where you would love to indulge into various relaxing and rejuvenating therapies. The Spa at this resort is among the top Spas of India and Asia and it has brought the resort into the league of top luxury destinations of India. The luxury resort is set in 22 acres virgin woods of pine and cedar and offers a great view of the mountains.


Apart from Himalayas, there are other destinations as well which offers great spa packages. Jaipur in Rajasthan has some of the best properties in Rajasthan offering Spa services. You shall find various Jaipur Spa Packages. One can enjoy the spa treatments as well as visit the places of historic importance and shop for various handicrafts and jewellery Jaipur is famous for.


Agra, the city of Taj Mahal, also has some great places where you can indulge into the luxurious spa treatments. Visit the Taj Mahal, the symbol of Love and pamper yourself in the Spa at the hotel. There are various Agra spa packages available.

Delhi, the capital of India, visited by millions of tourists every year also offers various Delhi Spa Packages. Delhi has some of the best hotels in India that offer various spa packages. One can find some authentic Ayurveda treatments in and around Delhi as well.


Indian Spas are getting more popular because Hotel spa alsace of the extensive treatments they offer. One can find unmatched array of treatments and rituals designed to refresh and replenish your spirit. Inspired by the ancient Indian traditions of health and healing, evolved for over 5000 years and incorporating international influences, Ayurveda also offers various treatments and therapies, such as Panchakarma, Abhyangam, Hot Herbal Poultice therapy, Padabhyanga, Shirodhara and Shirobhyanga as also skin treatments and massages. Most spas in India have now evolved to include a number of different therapies, such as reflexology, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and meditation. Also on offer are various Revitalizing body therapies, Skin & Nail care, beauty treatments, Speciality baths, stem and sauna.

The luxurious interiors of these luxury Spas, the delightful aroma and relaxing surroundings will take you to a world of peace, serenity and unmatched luxury. Most of the Spas would special ayurvedic/herbal oils and products to suit various skin types. Choose your spa wisely and look for service providers that have various spa packages for you to choose from so that all you need to do is lie back and enjoy being pampered!