Which is the Best E-commerce Platform for your Business?

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you thinking of starting a business by selling your products online? Then it’s the right time to set your goal because e-commerce is at its peak. E-commerce refers to the purchasing and selling of goods online. Over the years,Which is the Best E-commerce Platform for your Business? Articles this sector has grown into a massive sector with immense profit and business shares.

As the number of online users grows day by day, it’s not an easy task to choose the right platform to build your application. But, today Most of the young and fresh – minded business men have set their trademark in e-commerce stores. Some may choose a professional e-commerce site to build their application. Developers focus on innovating unique sites which create a buzz among the online buyers and sellers.

Here is a good look at the three e-commerce frameworks Magento, Prestashop and Shopify, which may help to choose the right platform or get closer with the right choice of application.

Magento – Open source e-commerce

Magento is the best partner of huge online stores. It’s the most used framework in building large e-commerce sites. This open source platform is mounted with several useful features and tools for customization. Promotion is a vital part in developing a business, this framework is structured in a way that creates a better SEO experience and assured promotion as well. It is also used as a catalog-management tool. It is a flexible platform that gives the user the entire control to maintain and if necessary, to update the content. This open source framework has a big community of developers who are ready to support the customers 24X7. Some business men quote that it’s the best e-commerce framework and it works great for most of the large business even its fully online or partially online business.

Prestashop – The best e-commerce experience

Prestashop is a well-known name in the list of e-commerce solutions. This framework is an open-source framework with plenty of features in it. It is not easily available, the basic setup is free of charge, but certain themes, template and other modules have to be purchased. . Prestashop can be customized in different ways. Easy site management, high SEO benefits and report generation are some of the added advantage in using this framework. It is commonly used in the small online business, but over 1, 25,000. E-commerce sites are built on this framework. It doesn’t have a big support team but there are lot of developers who discuss on the Prestashop forum.

Shopify – Shopping cart software

Shopify is another well-known shopping cart builder with a wide string of exciting features. It is easy to set up and create more responsive shopping carts. This framework provides more professional e-commerce sites with inspiring themes that develops a corporate look and feel to your site. This framework is used in most of the small scale business groups and it kch-hannover.de is specially designed to work in offline retail. While developing your online shopping cart in shopify, not necessary to worry about the technical side because it is secured and updated with the latest technologies. Shopify has a great team to support users 24X7.


Magento Vs Prestashop Vs Shopify










It is comparatively difficult to install in this framework

It’s easy to install

Easy to set up


Feature count

More number of features than all other frameworks

Plenty of features

n-number of features



It is compatible than other frameworks

It is compatible

It has good compatibility



It is not that easy to customize

It is easy to customize

Easy to customize in different ways


Tech support

A big community of developers great support

Discussion forum for the Prestashop developers

24X7 tech support



Free themes available

Stunning themes, but have to be purchased

Less number of themes but have to be purchased



Designed to provide better SEO experience

It offer high SEO benefits

It supports SEO and promotion



Building your online store with the right choice of frameworks is not an easy task. Magento is the leader in e-commerce sites. It is well suited to build huge shopping carts for large enterprises. If you’re a single developer, then prestashop is the right choice because it suite medium to small business models. Shopify is a trustworthy platform with lots of easy to use functionality. Choose the right framework according to your application and make it exciting online.